November 29, 2016 at 05:09PM

Aging is still annihilating over 100,000+ people every day and terrorism is still on the rise. Now more than ever we need real solutions.

Aging is obviously the biggest problem on earth, but there are certainly other problems we need to address that are effecting our chances of living forever. We need to have a serious conversation about mass immigration and how it threatens western society. It is a known fact that terrorists are slipping through every vetting process we have. Any one of these terrorists could be the next mass shooter or suicide bomber.

In the ideal world, we could just open all the borders and allow everyone into America. In the ideal world, we wouldn’t need to be so nationalistic. But our world is far from ideal so we need to avoid being caught up in some idealistic fantasy. We need to face the brutal facts. We live in a world with insane people who want to murder innocent people. We live in a world with people who shun western democracy and freedom. This is why we NEED to be more nationalistic, for the survival of western civilization and of ourselves. We need to be extremely selective with who we allow into America and who we give the right to vote. Let’s face it. If Western Civilization is destroyed, aging won’t likely be cured for hundreds of years.

The cure for aging will most likely come from SENS or some private corporation because money and competition is what fuels technological progress more than anything. The more I think about it, capitalism and nationalism seems to be the answer for much of what ails society. Capitalism should fuel scientific progress and nationalism should help ensure that Western freedom and progress remains untainted by less-evolved cultures. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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