March 19, 2017 at 04:22PM

MRS. BUCKET: Charlie . . . there are a hundred billion people in this world, and only five of them will find Golden Tickets. Even if you had a sackful of money you probably wouldn’t find one. And after this contest is over, you’ll be no different from the billions of others who didn’t find one.

CHARLIE: But I am different. I want it more than any of them.

The moral of this story:
Having a uniquely fierce desire to live forever will give you an extreme advantage. Desire is an important key to success. Try to desire eternal life more than anyone else.

But talk is cheap and desire is worthless if it’s not acted upon. We must be different from the billions of other people who don’t care about eternal life. Most of these people are bad eggs and they will go down the garbage shoot.

But if you pass the ultimate test, you could win the grand prize — an endless supply of LIFE. The entire factory could be yours. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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