March 24, 2017 at 12:10PM

This message goes out to all the virgins out there. In today’s crazy word, there is a lot of social pressure to lose your virginity. For the sake of your eternal life, don’t allow yourself to fall victim to this peer pressure. There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin and staying a virgin. Don’t be fooled by our sick society that tries to normalize sexual depravity and promiscuity. Virginity is actually cool.
Going all the way is very serious and you should not act capriciously when it comes to this decision. There are many advantages to chastity. Here are just a few:

1. You are far less likely to die from an STD.

2. As a virgin, you will conserve your sexual energy, purity and innocence. Instead of being wasted, this untapped energy source can increase your health, creativity and ambition. Keeping your virginity takes a lot of determination, so having discipline in this area strengthens our willpower. This increased willpower will likely transfer to other areas of your life and you will have more self-control overall.

3. Many people have a deep regret about losing their virginity with someone that wasn’t that special. People often lose self-respect for making such a bad choice. This loss of self-respect could lead to self-destructive behaviors. By waiting for the right person who was truly worth it, virgins can maintain their dignity and virtue.

4. There is a growing movement and a resurgence of abstinence as a lifestyle, and as a virgin, you get to be a part of it and be a good example to others. Let’s raise the bar and let’s MAKE VIRGINITY GREAT AGAIN! via Eternal Life Fan Club


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