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Here’s a new image I made with some cool dialogue between the characters Spock and Bones in the new Star Trek Beyond movie trailer.

I’m gonna have to side with Bones…Fear of death is like a superpower….I am fueled by the fear of death – it surges through my veins and keeps me alive. The only way to stop fearing death is through self-delusion. If you somehow managed to lose your fear of death, you might be a happier person but you’re more likely to end up dead… Just look at all these fearless people who end up dead because they lived dangerously. If you are serious about living forever, embrace the fear!

Watch the trailer here:


Peter Theil is a fellow immortalist who loves Trump. Many Transhumanists want a Trump presidency because they believe Trump would boost the economy via policies that bolster capitalism. This could hasten life extension therapies emerging from private corporations. Trump is the most libertarian of all the candidates and would be the least likely candidate to impose strict FDA regulations on experimental gene therapies that could cure aging. The current FDA regulations often hinder and slow progress in regenerative medicine. Thus, Trump could easily be regarded as the most pro-science candidate. Peter Theil is a hardcore libertarian and wants to live forever. He said: “I’ve always had this really strong sense that death was a terrible, terrible thing.” –Peter Theil

I also discuss Peter Theil in a semi-recent Q and A video:

Take a lesson from #Schindler and start to think about how much MORE people you could save if only you gave up some unnecessary expenditures and lavish indulgences.

Aubrey de Grey estimates that each dollar donated to SENS would save one life. Did you hear me? $1 per life!!!! Talk about effective altruism!

And the best part about this investment is that you unavoidably help your own chances of achieving Longevity escape velocity. No one knows when effective anti-aging therapies will arrive. They might arrive one day too late for YOU! The only thing better than saving another person’s life is saving your own life!

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