She is so RIGHT. Thank you Maria Konovalenko for being such a smart transhumanist. You inspire me to keep fighting for Indefinite life extension and to Protest to END AGING!

Since there is likely No afterlife, it’s disturbingly unfortunate that children are taught that Heaven Is For Real, when they should be taught that Death is Wrong (i.e. DEATH IS FOR REAL!!!!) …Having a confident expectation of an afterlife puts them at a severe disadvantage because they’re less likely to safeguard their physical existence at all costs.

You only live once so you better live forever!!!!!! Or as Maria says, “Strive to immortality!” Please reach out to religious people and help them. Their eternal life is at stake and we can help them get saved! It’s hard for Christians and Muslims etc, to admit they are wrong because no one likes to think that they were naively tricked. But Dear religious people, most of you were indoctrinated as children so it’s not your fault. You had not yet reached the age of reason. I used to be a Christian myself, and I had to admit that I was wrong. It wasn’t easy, but guess what? It was liberating…. Since becoming an atheist, I started taking my eternal life more seriously. Being an atheist is what caused me to fear death as much as I do and I consider that a gift. Who knows, if God actually does exist, maybe “He” would reward me for having the guts to come out as an atheist?

Maria is the creator of the Longevity Party Group on Facebook:
I hope you check it out!

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November 01, 2014 at 02:16PM

I would LOVE for there to be an afterlife! But wanting something to be true doesn’t make it true!

I don’t judge anyone for believing in God or the afterlife. I judge people for acting as if they know these things are true. Anyone who accepts death on the basis of there being a supposed afterlife is not being very wise. A wise person doubts all things and considers every possibility. The possibility that life ends at death should frighten everyone and lead them to one conclusion. If one wants eternal life, then one must NEVER DIE. #No afterlife via Eternal Life Fan Club

November 01, 2014 at 12:32PM

Brittany Maynard q

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss out on eternal life.

Rather than to seize the day, I want to focus on seizing eternity.

What’s important to me? My existence and the existence of other human beings.

What do I care about? I care about myself. I care about having fun… and being creative… FOREVER. I care about PEOPLE and all the amazing relationships I could have if I got to live forever, and all the fun things we could do.

What matters? LIFE matters. DEATH matters. CURING ALL DISEASE and ending all other causes of death matters. The fact that innocent people are losing their only existence… MATTERS. Brittany, your life matters!

So what am I going to pursue? Eternal life, with all my strength I will strive for it. I am going to be as healthy as I possibly can and never stop learning about how I can improve my health and safety, while I continue to explore new possibilities and strategies to avoid death.

Brittany Maynard… I feel very sorry for you. You are a victim of nature. Nature is cruel and heartless. You are exactly the reason I can’t believe in God. What kind of God would allow someone to suffer so greatly, that they would consider ending their own life? Brittany, I don’t know your religious beliefs, but in all probability you believe in some kind of afterlife. Assuming I am correct, I just hope that your belief in the afterlife is not clouding your thinking on the topic of death. I hope you are considering the possibility that there is No afterlife and what that means… Eternal oblivion…

I will give you the same advice I give everyone. DON’T DIE. You must NEVER lose your will to survive. You must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to survive! If I was you, I would RAGE against the dying of the light. I would probably be researching cancer treatments at this very moment. I would certainly be on a Ketogenic diet. Secondly, I would consider signing up for Cryonics. It’s not guaranteed to work by any stretch of the imagination but it’s better than being buried or cremated. (It’s great to be hopeful that cryonics will work, but seriously do not have a confident expectation that it’s going to work. Cryonics is only a last resort — a backup plan in case all else should fail. But I must stress that having a cryonics membership should not make you feel safe.)

Personally, I think suffering is not the worst that can happen to a person. DEATH IS.

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October 31, 2014 at 04:56PM

Scientists that are working for Indefinite life extension are perhaps the most Effective Altruists of all.

You men and women in the labs have our deepest gratitude. You are working very hard at the second most important thing in life… That is, saving other people’s lives… The first most important thing is saving your own life, because without your own life you can’t help anyone.

So a word to the scientists… Please look after your health. Take care of yourself. Avoid dangers. DON’T DIE. We need you. ♥

I think the best way we can show our appreciation for these anti-aging scientists is to Protest to END AGING and gain more funding for their research. SENS Research Foundation distributes it’s funds to a plethora of scientists who need it. Your donations are appreciated and by giving, we are acting as effective altruists by helping them save more lives. If the cure for aging comes 1 day sooner, that’s 100,000 more lives we’ve helped to save!

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October 31, 2014 at 02:44PM

Do you remember when you were a child and you first learned about death? What was your reaction? Most children are terrified of death when they first learn about it, because they have not developed coping mechanisms for death. But adults are quick to rush in with twisted rationalizations for death or offer false promises of heaven. As they grow up, most children gradually lose their fear. Some even start to love death because they are wholeheartedly convinced that heaven awaits. It’s truly sad that they all might enter into oblivion when they die. Of course, they won’t know it because they’ll be dead. But that is precisely why it sucks for them.

I kinda understand where the religious people are coming from (I was once a believer myself — now an atheist)… At least religious people DESIRE an eternal life, although I strongly disagree with their strategy to attain it. What I do not understand is the atheist who says that eternal life would be some kind of curse (a common attitude amongst atheists). Essentially, they have NO PROBLEM with non-existence–they even prefer it. So they are much more daft than the religious people who are counting on heaven. I seriously wonder if these death-loving atheists have a case of the sour grapes, because they think eternal life is out of reach? That seems a likely explanation.

One thing is for sure. People hate to be afraid. If the Christian and the Muslim admitted that their afterlife is just wishful thinking, they’d have to be afraid of death. If the atheist admitted that non-existence was a bad thing, then they’d have to be afraid of death. The common denominator is that people HATE FEAR. People would rather delude themselves so they can be at peace with death. Personally, I think we should not be at peace. If I was at peace with death, I would not have been motivated to start this fan club. We should return to our childlike fears… Our fears tell us something very important — that death is EVIL and UNFAIR, and we must STRIVE for eternal life, against all odds.
And ounce your gone,
you can’t come back…
When you’re out of the blue,
and into the black…
~ Neil Young

Sadie Miller is a little girl who fears death. Please watch this awesome video while you reflect on your own childhood reaction to #death.
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October 31, 2014 at 12:28PM

Happy #Halloween! I think #death is a good subject for today.

How would you answer this question:
“What do you hate most about death?”

I’ll go first. What I hate most about death is that death might permanently destroy my consciousness (there is a VERY BIG possibility that this is the case)… This is a BIG PROBLEM for me because I need to have a consciousness in order to do the things I love doing. There’s SO MUCH THINGS that I enjoy and I HATE the idea that I might never be able to do those things… ever again.

Our society needs to talk about death–REALLY talk about it honestly and admit how horrible it is. Here’s what I think is going on. The idea of death is so traumatic and mentally abusive that it literally causes people to bond with death and deny their victimization. Society vehemently defends death like a battered woman attempts to make excuses for her abusive partner. People are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. We’re all slaves. We have never been free. But the good news is that Indefinite life extension IS POSSIBLE! SENS Research Foundation is making a difference!

Consider making a donation:

I think that deep down, we all know that Death is Wrong because LIFE IS RIGHT!

Please support some of my friends: Longevity Party, MILE – Movement for Indefinite Life Extension, Advocate of Negligible senescence. Thanks via Eternal Life Fan Club

October 28, 2014 at 05:55PM

Isn’t life amazing? Isn’t life AWESOME?!? Eternal life fans never surrender to death. We love life too much! The idea of dying and ceasing to exist is utterly repulsive to us. Living indefinitely is obviously a hard goal, and it may sound unrealistic to some people, but we strive for eternal life because it’s the only possibility worth pursuing. Whatever it is that we enjoy about life, we need to EXIST in order to enjoy it. EXISTENCE is the most important thing! Our existence is too important, and that’s why we would NEVER gamble our existence on the hypothetical possibility of there being life after death….

I believe eternal life is possible because I don’t know what the future holds. Anyone who says that death is inevitable is claiming to know the future. Since when can human beings know the future? Living forever IS hypothetically possible if we cure aging and create a hyper-safe, techno-utopian society that solves all existential threats.

“Big results require big ambitions.” ~ Heraclitus

If you want to live forever, it’s going to be a struggle but you are NOT ALONE in your struggle. If you want support on your quest for eternal life, consider joining the Eternal Life Fans forum:
It’s there to offer helpful information and support for anyone who is trying to live forever. Thank you for reading. I appreciate everyone who reads my posts. It really inspires me to keep pushing on. Sometimes I get discouraged but I’m trying hard to stay optimistic. Without the hope of eternal life, I have nothing. via Eternal Life Fan Club

October 28, 2014 at 03:02PM

Aging is the ROOT CAUSE of most diseases and the largest cause of suffering and death on earth…. and science is working on a cure. Yes, you heard that correctly. A CURE FOR AGING is possible. The world needs to know. It is not necessary that 100,000 people die from aging EVERY DAY. We can stop this tragic massacre of human life.

Learn more: |

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October 27, 2014 at 01:34PM

If someone doesn’t want to live forever, then by default, they want to die eventually. They have a suicidal mindset. Most people must really hate their life. Maybe it’s because they hate themselves? I really think that many people have a death wish because they despise the person they’ve become.

This is why I stress over and over again that it’s so important to really love yourself. Love who you are! In order to love yourself you must follow your conscience and always do what you think is right. You must follow your life’s passion. If you don’t obey your conscience and if you neglect your passion, then you will be riddled with guilt and end up hating yourself. I think people who love themselves are the kind of people who want to live forever. At the end of the day you want to be able to look in the mirror and say, “Gosh darn it, I DESERVE to live forever. The world NEEDS a person like me.”

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October 27, 2014 at 01:10PM

Eternal Life Fans love life so much that we want to keep going forever. Even if we were suffering and in bad health, many of us would still want to stay alive because life may get better in the future. Where there is life, there is opportunity. The only opportunity that death offers is a hypothetical unproven afterlife that is complete conjecture. This is why staying alive in any condition is even more important than avoiding suffering. Existence is all we have. Suffering is temporary–non-existence is permanent (as far as we know). So the message: Stay alive at all costs, even if you are suffering enormously.

I know that life can feel like a nightmare sometimes. A lot of people are really struggling to stay happy. Those people will have even more to appreciate when the singularity comes. It will be like taking a hot bath when you were freezing for so long, or finally getting to eat something when you were starving. Suffering makes pleasure even better. =)

If you think your life sucks, OK, I won’t argue. But you should be patient and hold out for something better. It’s going to get a lot better as more advanced technology is created and as the world leaves the dark ages. via Eternal Life Fan Club